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why we need to talk with some people?

Everyone need gossip or converstion at the end of the day. it is human nature without having converstion people can't live. Converstion with random people some time helps what peoples have their thought about particular subject matter. some people find intimacy to shareing eperiences and feeling with other.

when you feel alone and you want to talk someone, one of the best way is to talk on free chat website anonymously like here this platform

Sometime, we dont know how people thing about particular subject matter. then you can talk with random people and find out what they think.

Many people like gossip and here you can find like minded people

Many people are moody they like to talk according to their mood and here on this platform you can find people who suit you.

why People Need Gossip- The science Behind this Human Nature

All People take participate in some kind of Gossip at some particular point of time. it is a informal conversation betweem people. Poeple likes to talk at dinning table or at tea stall on street or on chat webiste with random fact, a 1993 observational study found that male participants spent 55% of conversation time and female participants spent 67% conversation time on "the discussion of socially relevant topics." some researches argue that gossip helped our ancenstors survive. Gossip make possible to spread news on large extent in social network. without Gossip, we are not able to sustain the kinds of societies that we have today. many information come to us in informal conversation and that hepls us alot to take decision. Gossip also evidence of cultural learning, it offers teachable moments and provides examples of what socially acceptable and what is not. for example if there's someone who cheats a lot in community or social circle, then people start talk about that person in a negative way. the collective criticism should warn others of the conseuences of cheating.

What happens to human physiology when he or she gossip?

The study of Neuroscience 2015 show that when man and woamn strat to talk, their brain start to imagine about the man or woman whome you talking about and imaging about situation. this activity happens in perfrontal cortex of brain which is key to our ability to navigate comple social behaviors. positive gossip about themselves, makes happy.